Find the Perfect Walk-in Tub for Your Home in the Washington, D.C. Area

sleek, white walk-in tub in a modern bathroomWhether you are pregnant, aging in place, have limited mobility, or are simply looking for a more convenient bathing option, you should consider adding a walk-in tub to your home. Walk-in tubs are safer and more accessible than traditional bathtubs, which is why they’ve become so popular with homeowners in recent years. However, to get the best benefits out of a new walk-in tub, you need to have it installed by a company like RX Renovation Xperts. We’re the bath remodeling pros serving Washington D.C. and the DMV area.

A Superior Walk-in Bathtub

At Rx Renovation Xperts, we provide our clients with products that are first-class in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and safety. That’s why we source our tubs from BCI, one of the industry’s top names. BCI walk-in tubs are well-regarded for their ease of use, low-maintenance requirements, and numerous safety features. They’re also stylish and can be personalized with hydrotherapy jets, allowing you to elevate your bathing experience.

Installing Your Tub in as Little as One Day

Rx Renovation Xperts has extensive experience installing walk-in bathtubs for homeowners, and this expertise allows us to complete bathroom remodels quickly and effectively. In fact, when you partner with us, you can expect your new walk-in tub to be installed in as little as one day. So, if you’ve been holding off on upgrading your bathing space for fear of a lengthy renovation time, you can be assured that won’t be the case when you work with our team.

If you’re ready to add a new walk-in tub to your home in Washington D.C. or the DMV, contact Rx Renovation Xperts today!

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