Polish Vs. Satin: Kitchen Countertop Finishes

The kitchen is the busiest room of a house. It needs to have a countertop that looks great and is durable,  since people will be using it multiple times in a day.

Satin and polished are two finishes that can make any kitchen countertop look great in distinct ways. Read on as your kitchen remodeling company explains more.


This is a soft, silky material that is similar to an eggshell finish, except it has more sheen. Satin’s finishing process is stopped right before the stone shines. Although it’s not as shiny as polished, its matte finish accepts and redistributes natural light, giving an incandescent effect.

Satin is mildew, stain and dirt-resistant, making it easy to clean because it is smooth to the touch. It also won’t show the stone’s scratches and the physical imperfections because it’s not as reflective as polished.

However, satin can fade a stone’s color and is porous. It becomes more pronounced on darker materials and works best on stones that have veins, like marble.


Unlike satin, this is shined until the surface reflects like a mirror. The finishing process seals all the pores, adding durability to marble granite, quartzite and man-made quartz.

The surfaces become more vibrant because their colors are widely enhanced during the finishing process. This glossy finish complements various home decor styles, ranging from Victorian to French.

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