Petworth Kitchen Remodel

At Rx Renovation Xperts, we have decades of experience helping with Petworth kitchen remodeling projects, which range from straightforward counter installation and hardwood cabinet additions, or as involved as whole kitchen remodeling. Our company collaborates to fully understand your whole kitchen remodeling goals so that we can bring them to life while keeping inside of your agreed-upon financial budget.

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Petworth Granite Countertops

At Rx Renovation Xperts, we deliver a huge selection of kitchen countertops for your Petworth kitchen remodeling project. What follows is a small example of what our skilled Petworth countertop installers can install in your kitchen:

  • Petworth Granite countertops. With options of every type and with options at every price point.
  • Quartz countertops. Unbeatable strength and aesthetics.
  • Butcher block Wooden countertops. Incorporate a warm, rustic wooden countertop into the heart of your home!
  • Finished concrete counters. Contemporary styling with incredible impact resistance!
  • Stainless steel counters. The authentic restaurant kitchen cooking surface for the discerning culinary aficionado.
  • Acrylic counters. Not your 1970’s acrylic or Formica, our cutting-edge acrylic countertops are low-maintenance and simply beautiful!

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Great Kitchen Cabinets in Petworth

We carry every style of cabinet available today, complete with kitchen cabinet doors and fashionable kitchen cabinet hardware and components. Incredibly quiet and including optional slow-close hinges, our Petworth kitchen cabinets will steal the show in your kitchen.

Here at Rx Renovation Xperts, our pros build these options for Petworth kitchen cabinets and more:

  • Painted cabinets in many colors
  • Durable glass cabinet doors and see-through cabinetry
  • Wooden cabinets of every wood type
  • Fully custom cabinets for unique rooms
  • Brand new kitchen cabinets

Our Petworth kitchen cabinet installers are craftsmen without compare, so you can depend on our craftsmanship being a dazzling addition to your kitchen and home.

Petworth Kitchen Remodelers at Rx Renovation Xperts

You can depend on our experienced Petworth kitchen remodelers at Rx Renovation Xperts to care for your home! We have the years of experience, the skill, and the diligent work ethic to accomplish your kitchen remodeling project ahead of schedule and for less than budget.

Please give us a call at 202-933-5284 for excellent Petworth kitchen remodeling!

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