The Government wants to help you improve you home!

Renovation Xperts LLC is a community service organization that has been established to help revitalize the District of Columbia neighborhoods that have suffered through the recent economic recession. Communities are troubled by high rates for substandard renovation work. Our organization concentrates on making it possible for homeowners to receive quality home improvement projects and finance programs that can possibly make any of your project(s) needs more affordable.

Renovation Xperts LLC services allow homeowners to approach rehabilitation work with ease and comfort. We take pride in providing each property owner(s) with the means of accomplishing home improvement work with reliable and dedicated contractor that work towards your specified financial goals.  Typically, our programs can greatly relieve the stressful burden of coming out of pocket for costly renovations by utilizing one of our financial programs to make it affordable.

Our field specialists are informative on a range of financial rehabilitation programs that suit your individual needs. Renovation Xperts programs and services ensure that each homeowner is satisfied with the quality, professionalism and knowledge of the work performed. Our experienced representatives help guide and facilitate these programs to help property owners achieve a better life, community, and financial future.

Each homeowner must be qualified and approved by Renovation Xperts before any such program may be granted to any individual. Most services provided by Renovation Xperts require no money down with deferred payments

Our Mission:


Property owners may be eligible to receive financial programs depending on many factors such as the types of interior/exterior projects they wish to accomplish. All Renovation Xperts programs that a homeowner may be qualified for are not based on income, type of property, condition of property, type of renovation project, there are no application fees and no out of pocket expenses.


RX. Renovation Xperts receives endless amounts of applications from property owners across the District of Columbia who are looking to do home improvements and gain assistance with making your project more affordable. Each situation is unique, and we encourage homeowners to phone our call center and speak directly with a representative or fill out our pre-application you received in the mail or online.
Most services provided by RX. Renovation Xperts are free and open to the public (call for more details). ​

RX. Renovations Xperts thoroughly assesses and qualifies property owners for various programs in order to make home improvement projects affordable and attainable. Our goal is to assist every homeowner reach their goals. Each file is unique; qualifications and approval are subject to type of project, income, debt, structure or dwelling type, as well as other specific factors that are involved when determining acceptance into the various finance programs.

RX. Renovation Xperts works with both public & private lenders to provide homeowners with affordable options when approaching home improvement work. We help educate and direct homeowners to low interest rate financing programs to help reach their goals. There are no obligations in using our service. Most of our programs require no money down, with affordable low monthly payments.

Approval is typically determined within business 5 days of application (excluding holiday’s & weekends). Completed applications in entirety will only be considered throughout the process. Incomplete applications will not be considered, and a new application will be needed to be considered. Upon approval of your application, RX will assign you a Field Specialist to assist you throughout the process. The Field Specialist’s purpose is to educate and guide the homeowner of the various programs one may be eligible for through RX in order to make your project(s) more affordable.

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