Storm Damage Repair in Washington D.C.

A severe storm can easily damage or even destroy the roof of your Washington D.C. home. Storm damage restoration and repairs can coast a small fortune out of pocket; luckily, homeowners insurance will usually cover all or most of the cost for you!

At Renovation Xperts, we partner with insurance companies across the nation to make sure your storm-damaged roof is repaired at the best possible price. Since 2010, we’ve been a trusted provider of storm damage roofing repairs in Washington D.C. and beyond. Our expert roofers will guide you through the claims process and complete high-quality, long-lasting repairs for your roof.

Insurance Claims for Washington D.C. Storm Damage Repairs

If this is your first time using homeowners insurance to repair a storm-damaged roof, no worries: just follow these simple steps. And if you have any questions, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.

Step 1: Set-up your free storm damage inspection

The first step is to determine how much it will cost to repair your roof. We do this by performing a thorough inspection of your roof and noting the location and extent of the damage. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll know how much the roof repair job will cost. Renovation Xperts offers free roofing inspections for storm damage in Washington D.C. – call today to schedule yours!

Step 2: Set-up a second inspection with your insurance company

Your insurance company will also want to get a sense of the damage by conducting their own roofing inspection. Mostly, they’ll be confirming the scope of the damage that we reported on. Your insurer will use their inspection for the basis of the allotted repair budget.

Step 3: Renovation Xperts performs storm damage repairs!

We’re ready to start repairs! Once both Renovation Xperts and your insurer have completed their inspections, we’ll reach out to schedule a time for repairs. Our roofers work efficiently, but the length of your project will depend on the extent of the damage. Our trained roofers use industry-standard roofing techniques and top-notch materials to ensure your roofing repairs will last for decades to come. And we’ll do it at little to no cost to you, thanks to your insurance company!

Step 4: Insurance pays for the roofing repairs

After we complete your roofing project, we’ll take care of submitting the final invoice to your insurance company. Your insurer will send you the funds, and we’ll collect payment from you. It’s as easy as that!

Call Renovation Xperts for Long-lasting Storm Damage Repairs in Washington D.C.!

A storm damaged roof can cause a major headache, but the repairs don’t have to! Renovation Xperts strives to make the storm damage repair process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our Washington D.C. emergency roofers will coordinate with you and your insurance company to make sure the restoration project is completed in a quick, error-free fashion.

The roofers at Renovation Xperts are standing by and ready to help you repair and restore your storm damaged roof. Call us today or submit our quick online form to schedule your free roofing inspection for Washington D.C. storm damage repairs.

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