Washington DC Wood Rot Repair & Replacement Damage

Customers who are distraught about finding wood rot on their residence often hear of us. Regrettably, for Washington DC area homes wood rot is relatively common , particularly for old buildings, although under certain conditions newer homes are equally vulnerable. Fortunately, our Renovation Xperts team is expert in replacing and repairing rotting wood!

Two of the largest questions that we encounter from homeowners concerned are “what is wood rot,” and “why does my fascia rot? “The # 1 guilty party behind wood rot is moisture which can not be correctly drained. When moisture gathers in and around your home, like gutters or under shingles, it gets stuck and eats away from wooden roofing systems. Houses built with a solid wood decking are therefore the most susceptible to wood rot development.

There are a handful of other likely risk factors to consider. Similarly to other types of water damage, housing developments in low-lying areas are susceptible to wood rot. Another risk is when plants, trees, and grass are too near to the siding of a house. This is most widely seen in older homes, since new designs of landscaping use gravel or rocks to promote good drainage.

If you think your home in Washington DC might be susceptible to wood rot, there are some places you should check for signs of problems.

Where and how to look for rotting wood

Some areas within your home in Washington DC are more prone to wood rot than many others.

  • Rooftop framing
  • Trim exterior windows and doors
  • Roofing boards
  • Sub – surface roof covering
  • Fascia and trim close to your gutters

For more information on our wood rot maintenance and wood rot replacement services in Washington DC, call our roofing experts at Renovation Xperts today.

We’re stopping wood rot in its tracks

Wood rot will spread to other areas of your home when left unchecked and lead to both serious damage and expensive roofing repairs. For these reasons we suggest that you remain vigital and keep an eye out for signs of wood decay close to your house. Knowing the likely reasons of rotting wood can help you know whether your home is in danger.

Wood rot originally comes from:

  • Faded-out shingles: Shingles are your roof’s outer part, and their first line of protection against all the elements. Regrettably they cause water to drip through when shingles get compromised. Looking at your roof-is there any broken, bent or missing shingles? If so, there’s a significant risk your roof will produce wood rot. Regular care of the roof and repair work to the roof will defend your property against rotting wood.
  • Overflowing gutters: Gutters safeguard your ceiling by comfortably redirecting rainwater away from the shingles, soffits and roofline of your residence. Clogged gutters inevitably cause rainwater to overflow where the rain then collects around your sloping roof and pavement. This makes for a perfect hotbed for mold or mildew. If the gutters in your home are blocked up, the roof would be vulnerable to wood rot.
  • Bad roof vents: structurally sound roofs are all well ventilated to “exhale” liquid water through gaps situated along the ridges and soffits of the roof. Roof ventilation helps keep the appropriate amount of moisture inside your home and increases the roof longevity. If a roof is not properly ventilated, this can result in the build-up of moisture, and eventually rotting wood.

Top Repair Wood Rot in Washington DC

Did you find any signs of rotting wood on the roof of your home? Don’t panic-to help our squad at Renovation Xperts! With our wood rot repair and replacement offerings, we have been assisting Washington DC homeowners restore vitality to their roofs ever since we started. Simply send us a call to set up your free roofing estimate, and fill out our fast online form.

We await the restoration of your roof (and your peace of mind)!

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