7 Principles of Universal Design

Universal design considers accessible spaces for all people including those with special needs or those who wish to age-in-place. It can be easily integrated into your home remodeling project. So if you plan to stay in your home permanently, you might want to consider fixing it up to fit your current and future needs.


Read on as the area’s top home renovation company RX. Renovation Xperts LLC discusses the seven principles of universal design. Take note of these when planning for your next renovation project.

1. Equitable Use

This ensures that the design is appealing and suitable to users with diverse abilities. It includes provisions for safety, security and privacy.

2. Flexibility in Use

The design should be adaptable to a user’s pace. It should be able to accommodate right-handed or left-handed access, and offer a choice in methods of use.

3. Simple and Intuitive Use

Various features should be fuss-free for any person. This also means being able to accommodate a wide range of language and literacy skills.

4. Perceptible Information

Make sure every piece of information is legible and easily understandable. Utilize different modes of presentation such as verbal, pictorial and tactile. Also, don’t forget to ensure compatibility with the devices used by people with sensory limitations.

5. Tolerance for Error

Warnings of hazards and errors should be clear, and the design should have fail-safe features too. These elements will help minimize accidents.

6. Low Physical Effort

Whether you’re planning for bathroom renovations or kitchen remodels, consider the amount of physical effort and responsive actions that each of the room’s features will require. Minimize the effort that users should make.

7. Size and Space for Approach and Use

Allot adequate space for assistive devices or personal assistance. Ensure that the features can be easily accessed by a standing or seated user.

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