The Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2020

With the new year comes another opportunity to give your kitchen a new look.In this blog, let home renovation company Renovations Xperts shares some inspiration with this year’s biggest kitchen trends.

Marble Backsplash

When you think of putting marble in the kitchen, you probably think of countertops, not backsplashes. But picture it: a single large slab of marble in place of a typical tile, glass or composite backsplash. It adds drama and texture to an otherwise utilitarian component. Make your marble the kitchen’s visual focus by planning your kitchen’s color palette around it.

Dark Countertops

You can mix things up further with dark countertops. While the go-to material is granite, trends point to walnut and similar hardwood for use on countertops. If properly treated and installed, a wood countertop should stand up against daily wear and tear.

Navy Blue Millwork

Millwork cabinetry looks great on their own, but they’d be perfect in a classic white kitchen, especially when combined with brass hardware and marble countertops. If you want to keep your existing cabinetry, you can have your kitchen and bathroom renovations contractor reface the cabinets.

Double Kitchen Islands

Double the islands means double the function. You can design them according to purpose: for example, one can serve as your prep area, the other for service and plating. If you’re used to having a sink in your kitchen island, expanding it to a double sink can increase efficiency. The additional kitchen island can also increase kitchen storage space.

Custom Steel Hood

Aluminum range hoods are all too common. A custom steel hood, on the other hand, can add a rustic, modern and—most importantly—uncommon look for your kitchen. You can have other kitchen hardware customized to match.

Warm Finishes

White kitchens will probably never go out of style, but it doesn’t mean it’s your only option. More homeowners are choosing warm finishes such as stained wood for cabinetry and fixtures. Avoid a monotonous look by pairing it with tumbled stone floors. Make sure your remodeling contractor uses wood that’s been treated for protection against moisture damage.

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