3 Methods to Cool Your Hot Attic

Summer is one of the best seasons to start home improvement projects, such as bathroom renovations or siding replacement. With all the home improvement possibilities available to you, it’s entirely possible that the attic may be overlooked. This is actually something that homeowners shouldn’t do during the summer as the attic is susceptible to becoming hot during the season. And a hot attic can lead to a hot home.

In this post, Renovation Xperts LLC discusses the various techniques you can use to cool your hot attic for the summer

Attic Fans and Electric Ventilators

One of the best ways you can cool your hot attic down during the summer is by installing attic fans and electric ventilators. These fans have thermostats that turn them to a recommended preset temperature of 100-110 degrees. It also allows better air circulation and excess heat removal from your attic. Another benefit that attic fans bring is that it can keep your home cooler, eliminating the need of making your air conditioner work too hard and helping you save on your energy costs for the summer.


On the other hand, there’s also the option of installing better insulation for your attic. A hot attic can radiate heat into your living space and attic insulation prevents that from occurring, allowing you to increase your savings from your cooling bills. When installing your attic’s new insulation, it’s recommended that it should be with an R-factor of at least 9. If you need any assistance in installing better insulation for your attic, you can always hire an expert from a home renovation company, such as Renovation Xperts LLC.

Passive Vents

Installing passive vents such as a gable, soffit and ridge vents in your roofing system is another way you can cool down your hot attic. This is because these openings allow the hot air to escape and it encourages natural air flow into your attic to cool it down.

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