4 Things to Do Before a Major Home Renovation

Once you’ve found the right home renovation company and finalized your design plans, the next step is to prepare for the big day. Preparing your home and family for a renovation doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think.

These tips should help you get ready for a home remodel.

Organizing is Key

Keep track of your assets by making a list of your belongings and their values. Declutter and decide which needs to go and stay. Also, look into what you can donate or give away. Make sure to get rid of anything that won’t be useful after the renovation.

Only keep unpacked things that you would need daily. With bathroom renovations, consider reducing your bathing products and accessories to fit into a temporary shower or when you need to borrow showers or baths.

Secure Your Home

There may be days where a lot of workers are going in and out of your home to deliver and install things. You may not be around every time they are working, so upgrading your security system can give you some peace of mind. Get an in-home safe where you can store important documents. A video doorbell can help you monitor deliveries when you’re not at home. Also, smart locks can be reprogrammed to allow access to workers for certain periods.

Use What You Have

Make packing easier by consuming what’s in your pantry or bathroom. Use up all bathroom products and eat as much as you can from the fridge.

Digital Safekeeping

Create an idea board on Pinterest or Houzz that you can share with the rest of your family and contractor. Scan your documents and save them in an online cloud storage system. Shared spreadsheets and calendars are helpful for anyone who needs to be in the know about the project.

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