5 Ways to Upgrade the Guest Bathroom Experience

As a homeowner, it is your pride when your guests feel happy and comfortable visiting your home. However, you may have had some bad bathroom experiences when you visited someone in the past and you want to avoid letting your own guests experience that too. Perhaps one of the best ideas is to have a separate guest bathroom to make them feel more at ease. In this post, leading home renovation company Renovation Xperts LLC will share some bathroom upgrades.

1. Opt for a bright bathroom

To make your guests feel refreshed and relaxed, choose a bright and clean bathroom. Let the natural light in by opening up the blinds. There’s also a way to keep some privacy, choose light-colored drapes that will cover what has to be covered but will also let the light in. The rule of thumb is to keep the bathroom with good lighting.

2. Use high-quality towels

A stack of new and fresh towels will always delight your guests. Opt for soft towels and wash them with hypoallergenic detergent to prevent any potential skin reactions.

3. Put the toiletries

Your house may not be a hotel but giving your guest toiletries during their stay shows that you really care. You can even use the toiletries you’ve brought home from the hotels where you stayed.

One way to make it look presentable is by creating a little kit for the toiletries. You can put them in a fabric pouch tied with a beautiful ribbon.

4. Add storage space

You may oversee this but before your guest arrives, try to make sure that there are hooks and shelves where your guests can hang their clothes and place their toiletries. Take away your personal items to give space for your guests’ belongings. Meanwhile, you can add a simple over-the-door hook bar rather than doing bathroom renovations to add storage space. This is a cheap and easy solution you can try. If you don’t want shelves on the walls, you can add a space-saver shelf as storage.

5. Adorn it with flowers and plants

Who wouldn’t feel special upon entering a bathroom with a vase of freshly-cut flowers? Aside from the fact that it’s a mood booster, it also gives your guest bathroom an aesthetic appeal. The best choice is whites and pastels but if you know your guest’s favorite flowers, you can also add that too.
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