6 Fresh Patio Ideas for the Summer Season

Summer is here and it’s the best time to entertain friends and family on your patio. However, after months of cold or wet weather, t’s likely that your patio needs to be freshened to make it guest-worthy. While simply repainting and cleaning is an easy method of sprucing up your patio, consider going all out and freshening it up in various ways.

In this post, home improvement and kitchen remodeling company Renovation Xperts LLC discusses the six freshest ideas you can use on the patio for the summer.

  1. Large Dining Area – When you’re entertaining guests in your patio, it’s likely you’ll want to serve some food. With that in mind, consider strategizing the table and chair placements on your patio in order to create a large dining area that can suit a moderate amount of guests if needed.

  1. Add a TV – Cooping yourself up in your home during the summer is a waste of a nice day and can get boring really quick. To rectify that, consider adding a TV to your patio. That way, you and your family can enjoy an old fashioned bonding method while enjoying the warmth and fresh air of the outdoors. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to add a roof to your patio to protect the electronics.

  1. Lighting – While most summer gatherings are held during the day, it’s also possible to hold one at night. The perfect patio lighting is crucial in creating a comfortable and intimate atmosphere during a nighttime gathering, so pay careful attention to your lighting when freshening up your patio. For a more intimate setting, you can have fairy lights installed around the railings and fixtures of your patio or you can have tiki torches planted for an exotic feel.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen – While a grill is a good cooking device to have on your patio, you can never go wrong with a whole outdoor kitchen. You can save yourself some time and effort by preparing the ingredients of what you’re cooking in the outdoor kitchen itself and your guests can even watch you demonstrate your cooking skills while you’re at it. If you need any assistance in freshening up your patio, you can always turn to the patio experts of various home improvement interior renovation companies, such as Renovation Xperts LLC.

  1. Fire Pit – When hanging out with friends, the best stories are often told over the cozy warmth of a fire. With that in mind, consider adding a fire pit to your patio for a fun, campfire-like setting in the comfort of your home.

  1. Bar – Going out to a bar with friends is a chore in itself. You’ll have to compete with others for a table, wait for your food and drive to and from the bar. By installing a bar in your patio, you can do away with all these obstacles and have a fun night with your friends without any unnecessary stress.

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