7 Reasons Why It’s Alright to Replace Your Windows in Winter

When it’s winter, your utmost priority as a homeowner is to keep your home warm. However, some issues may occur due to drafty windows. The cold air seeps inside through the leaks, thus, forcing your heating system to work harder to maintain the right temperature. Most contractors suggest winterizing your home, doing roof repairs and other projects before winter. But doing a window replacement during winter is also feasible.

In this post, window and kitchen remodeling company Renovation Xperts, LLC shares seven reasons why it’s okay to have a window replacement project in winter.

1. Installers won’t remove your windows all at once. 

Installers know the downsides of removing all the windows all at once. Thus, they’ll only take one window at a time. They will then replace the removed window by a new one before removing another window. Through this process, you won’t be exposed to the cold air.

2. Installers can use plastic floor-to-ceiling barriers.

Installers will use plastic floor-to-ceiling barriers to cover larger openings.

3. Installers will keep the doors closed. 

During the project, interior renovation companies like Renovation Xperts LLC will keep your doors shut to limit the flow of cold air into your home.

4. Installers will keep your home clean.

You may be weary that mud due to rain or snowfall will make your home untidy during windows replacement. However, installers can also utilize tarps, shoe-covering booties, and other practices to ensure your home remains clean.

5. You’ll get your windows replaced sooner than scheduling it in spring or fall.

During winters, especially on post-holidays, only a few homeowners schedule windows replacement and other works to interior renovation companies. Thus, they will schedule and work on your project sooner.

6. Replacing your windows in winter is more affordable.

Most contractors and suppliers offer discounts, sales, and other incentives during winters because they have lower sales revenue compared to another season.

7. You can cut down on monthly expenses.

Upon finishing the windows replacement, you’ll get the benefits of energy-efficient windows. Aside from having warmer rooms, you’ll also save on winter energy bills because you’re no longer facing air infiltration due to drafty windows.
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