Decks: What Makes Them an American Favorite?

Deck installation remains one of the most sought-after upgrades for homeowners across the country—and with good reason! Not only can a deck improve the look of your home, it also offers many functions. RX. Renovation Xperts, your trusted exterior and kitchen remodeling company in the area, details some of the things that make a deck a worthy investment.

Expands Your Living Space

The best thing a deck can offer you and your family is an expansive area for work, entertainment and bonding. Do you want an impromptu barbecue party with family and friends? Perhaps you’d like a quiet moment with a good book and a cold drink. Whatever it is, a sturdy and good-looking deck has got you covered. Just plop down some comfy outdoor furniture and some nice tables, and you’re set.

Improves Your Home’s Aesthetics

Deck installation can give you many opportunities for customization. A deck is available in a wide selection of materials, such as natural wood and composite, and comes in rich, fade-resistant finishes. You can add decorative railings or steps, invest in rugs and outdoor furniture—maybe even some potted plants to give the spot a serene vibe. If you’re unsure how to put the overall look together, just consult RX. Renovation Xperts, one of the leading exterior and interior renovation companies in the area. We’ll make sure your new deck blends seamlessly with your home’s design and palette.

Enhances Quality of Life 

Given how a growing number of Americans are now working from home, a new deck can double not only as a quiet outdoor office space, it can also provide a place of respite from looking at your laptop all day. Need a break from charts, numbers and characters for a little while? Hang out at your deck, decompress and get back to the task at hand with a clearer mind.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Not that you’re actually planning to sell your home, but it’s satisfying to think that this addition can boost its overall value. What’s more, a deck is low-maintenance. It will only need the occasional sweeping, washing and checkup to keep it looking good.

RX. Renovation Xperts is not just your expert in roof repair—we can also handle your deck installation needs. With our high-quality products and expertise, we’ll design and build you a deck that allows you to experience outdoor living in the best way. We serve the homeowners in and around Washington, DC. Call us today at (202) 932-9267 or fill out this contact form to schedule your free quote.