Establish Your Home Renovation Priorities

Home renovation is a complex and difficult endeavor to tackle. It can be a fulfilling experience, too, especially if everything goes according to plan. Truly, organizing this immense project is the key to its success. It also helps that you are working with a home renovation company so that you can set your priorities straight and ensure a seamless workflow.

RX. Renovation Xperts LLC, your local design-remodel company specializing in exterior and interior home improvement, shares the best ways you can prioritize tasks in a home renovation project.

Planning & Designing

Be sure that your goals for the renovation project are clear, writing them down in detail. With your chosen contractor, plan the whole process from start to finish. This way, you avoid making mistakes along the way and ensure the project is within budget. For sure, permits are required before the work can commence, so take the time to apply and secure those.

Roofing, Siding, Windows

Focus first on renovating areas of your home that might affect any subsequent projects later. These include your roof, siding, window or foundation. Any of these will surely affect later projects you will be working on, so start with them. Once done, see if certain areas of your home will have to be torn down or if you are building new walls, like in bathroom renovations.

Electrical, Plumbing, Ductwork

When the walls and ceilings are open, it is a good idea to install any of these. Installing ductwork, for one, should be done for your central heating and air conditioning. A new system of pipes and electrical circuitry would make sense, as well, though inspectors must first visit your property to ensure these are done well.

Insulation & Drywall

Before closing down the walls and ceilings, be sure that they have ample insulation. The inspectors would have to visit you once again before they can give you the go-signal. Once done, replacement windows can be installed, adding finishing touches such as interior trim and molding.

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